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Available Puppies

June 2024 Puppies

Greenbah Puppies

Puppies will come with first round of vaccinations, microchipped, wormed regularly, vet health checked, Desex Voucher, a puppy pack.

Puppies will be sold as Pets ONLY

All of our Breeding dogs are hand selected and a quality assurance program is undertaken assessing Trainability, Temperament Profile and the Health of each dog.

Our Greenbah Puppies have been selectively bred to have the preferred attributes of:

  • Strong human-focus and connection 

  • Calm and centred attitude 

  • Happy and Friendly disposition

  • Emotional warmth 

  • Intelligence & Trainability

  • Sustained eye contact for bonding

  • High intuition (reading emotional states well)


When Breeding Our Puppies, with every generation, our primary focus and dedication, is based on breeding unique high quality companion animals, with many suited to therapy and service work or for families with special requirements. Puppies are part of our family before they become part of your family. 


Greenbah Puppies characteristics can make them wonderful family pets, with many also working in therapy and service roles. They may suit individuals, families and therapeutic settings where a soothing influence is needed, their human focus and high intuition means they may read human emotional states well and adjust their behaviour accordingly. With specific training they may learn to soothe specific difficult emotional states. They may have a great sense of fun; they can be bred for minimal aggression and are very good with other family pets.

Our Greenbah Multi-Generational Puppies come from tried, tested and trusted lines.  All of our Breeding dogs are hand selected and a quality assurance program is undertaken assessing Trainability, Temperament Profile and the Health of each dog. To ensure the quality of our puppies, breeding dogs are Full Breed DNA tested prior to breeding to eliminate any health or genetic problems, to the best of our knowledge and our efforts, Although we have this measure in place, due to them being a biological species, we cannot guarantee that your dog will never encounter a problem.


Multi-generational puppies are bred over many generations and generally tend to be more consistent in appearance. However, as a consequence of hybrid breeding, we cannot guarantee the appearance of the pup as it reaches maturity. If you desire  a pup with more consistent appearance and traits it is recommended you purchase a pedigree purebred dog.


Our Greenbah Puppies are bred in Standard, Medium and Mini sizes. We will have at times F1 & F1b Medium and Standard Groodles and F1b Mini and Medium Labradoodles. Our Greenbah Puppies can range from 10 kg through to 50kg 

Puppies will require grooming.


Puppies are raised both indoors and outdoors, with children and other dogs. Toilet training has begun on grass areas.

Purchasing process:

  • $500 non-refundable deposit to be placed on chosen litter

  • Updated pictures/videos sent weekly once puppies born

  • Transport/pickup date organised

  • Remaining payment to be transferred and cleared BEFORE the puppies leave Greenbah. If meeting for pickup, cash on pickup is accepted.

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