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Available Jan 2024

We Love our Girls and a Guardian Program allows our dogs the opportunity to live one on one in a family environment and receive the love and care from a forever family of their very own. Guardianing a dog can be an excellent way to have a top quality dog for a family pet.  Our Guardian families are spread across NSW  and don't necessarily need to be located in Dubbo, but do need to be committed to traveling back to Dubbo to visit when scheduled.

Requirements of a Guardian Family:

⦁ Have a fully fenced, secure yard.
⦁ Ensure the puppy is well socialized
⦁ Feed a diet approved by the breeder.

⦁ Live within reasonable driving distance and be committed to travel for Breeding

⦁ No entire (male) dog to be living in care home
⦁ Maintain care and coat (grooming)

What are the costs involved in becoming a Guardian Family?

Greenbah does charge a $500 dollar security deposit for our Guardian dogs, We feel that people often do not value what comes without cost and a nominal fee encourages Guardian families to think seriously before bringing a dog into the home.
Greenbah still own the dog for the duration of the contract to breed with, or use as a stud.  Your financial commitment to your Guardian dog includes the usual day-to-day and veterinary expenses related to any dog (excluding any breeding-specific veterinary procedures), such as further training, grooming, bedding, toys and any other veterinary expenses. We pay for anything related to breeding and immunisation . At the end of your Guardian dog’s breeding timeline, We will also desex your dog for you totally free of charge.

When it is is time for our girl to have the puppies, she comes back to us around a week before they puppies are due, and stay until puppies are weaned, generally around 6 - 8 weeks. Guardian families are welcome to visit mum and bubs and spend time with them while they are with their babies (except in their first 3 weeks as they have a very low immune system at this time).

Please note that due to the variable nature of the Poodle’s colouring, some puppies may change colour upon maturity. Greenbah reserves the right to infuse other suitable breeds into our breeding program to stabilise our genetic lines at our discretion.  Focusing on improving Colour, Size, Coat Type and other physical attributes that are specific to our breeding line. 
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